Massage therapy in Copenhagen, Vesterbro.

Professional pain relieving massage therapy treatments in the heart of the city of Copenhagen - It is actually quite easy to book a massage treatment online, even though the language of the booking system is in Danish

Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain or maybe tension headaches? Then fysiurgisk massage (Massage therapy) is the right massage treatment for you in Copenhagen.

You can book:

Sports massage - Shortens the recovery time after work out and reduces the risk of getting injured

Fysiurgisk massage (Massage therapy) - Includes many technuques and types of massage given on your needs of physical condition, e.g. deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy

Wellness massage - A relaxing and gentle massage treatment where you also can include a nice lifting facial massage if you wish

Gravid massage (Pregnancy massage)

Massage prices:

30 minutes  320DKK
45 minutes  435DKK
60 minutes  550DKK
75 minutes  665DKK
90 minutes  780DKK
105 minutes 895DKK
120 minutes 1010DKK

You can find Klinik Lennart Dahl at Nørregade 41 near by Nørreport Station. When you have booked your massage treatment you will receive an email with details and tips of how to find the Clinic


Massage Copenhagen

The massage therapist is me Lennart Dahl

I am an experienced masseuse and specialized in finding and effective releasing tension in muscles that cause pain such as back pain, neck pain or tension headache